Nicaragua Mission Trip – Day 3

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Monday, July 20 – After another big breakfast, we left for the village at 8 a.m. We had a morning service, small group time, and  the opportunity to give our families Bibles. We finally got to work around 9:30.

This little girl turned out to be terrified of me and my camera
This little girl turned out to be terrified of me and my camera
Even the toddlers enjoyed the Bibles
Even the toddlers enjoyed the Bibles
Big helpers
Big helpers

Jerod worked on roofs again (with Jorge – he was off work since it was a national holiday) and I helped finish blocking at the same house I worked on yesterday. I mostly filled the cinder blocks with dirt and cement and moved the cinder blocks to the interior of the house so they were easier to access. Throughout the day I alternated between working, taking photos, and helping with the women’s and children’s Bible studies.

One of the sweetest little girls - Angie - loved posing for me
One of the sweetest little girls – Angie – loved posing for me
Hauling the tin roofs to the houses
Hauling tin roofs to the houses
Nic_058 copy
Jerod and other guys working on roofs
This is a typical construction site in the village - babies/kids involved, women dressed up, and quite crowded
This is a typical construction site in the village – babies/kids in the middle, women dressed up and working, and overall quite crowded
This is how they get their water
This is how they get their water

Before the women’s Bible study began, me, Abby, and Evelyn (one of the interpreters) walked around the village peeking into homes and letting women know that Bible study was going to start at 1 p.m. When we got back to the community center at 1, there were less than 10 women there. By about 1:20, there were closer to 40 women there. They definitely live on “Nica time”! Rachel did a good job leading the Bible study, even though at times it was loud and hard to hear. The women were given note cards and colored pencils and really enjoyed sketching and coloring during the study. The children’s Bible study was filled with kids, and Becky did a great job with them, even though it was even more difficult to hear.

Nic_073 copy
The first day of children’s Bible study

At the end of the day we met up with our Nica family in the community center and took a few photos. I played clapping games with Estephanie, and Jerod got Sebatian to giggling by playing with his sunglasses, which is apparently a universal game. Lil’ Miss K loves it too.

Estephanie and me
Estephanie and me
Sebasian and Jerod
Sebastian and Jerod

We left the village a little after 4, cleaned up, and had chicken with a yummy creamy jalapeno sauce for dinner. We had our evening church service, which included a few stories and prayer requests. I helped with lunch prep, and we stayed up just a bit later than the previous night. Getting used to this new schedule, I slept even better than the night before.


9 thoughts on “Nicaragua Mission Trip – Day 3

    1. Thank you Linda! It’s funny, because when we are there and see missionaries that dedicate their lives to it, we don’t feel like we’re doing enough.

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  5. I find it interesting that the women dress up and that Estephanie even had on cute shoes! I guess I just pictured more “poverty” conditions? I’m glad you got a dog in one of the photos! 🙂 Isn’t it interesting about how they perceive time! I remember reading about different cultures and how they handle time (yay — a communication theory that stuck with me!). Americans put such emphasis on time and being on time — most other cultures (like this one) it’s customary to show up later.

    I may find this out later, as I catch up, but do you work on the same house the whole time or do you have one job and help build multiple houses? And how many houses typically get built in the week you’re there?

    1. Yeah, I thought that was interesting too. I think part of why they dressed fairly nice in our village is because they had received donations for awhile. Even though they had very little, I do think where we were was a lot less poor than where I visited in Haiti.

      Good question – we didn’t work on the same house the whole time. We all worked on several houses at once that were all in different stages. I’m not really sure how many made it to completion while we were there. Another group was coming the following week to continue where we left off. Project H.O.P.E. builds an average of about 100 houses/year in the village!

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