Living Room | Before & After

My poor husband. He works so hard as a middle school teacher, and every spring break, just when he’s ready for some time off, I find another project. Last year we painted our office/playroom and half bath. This year, we painted our living room. And just as we were finishing that, I got an inkling to do our laundry room, too. There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint over old, scuffed up paint, and our laundry room had been bothering me since we moved in two years ago! I’m loving the new “cool” tones.

IMG_3768 copy
Before. (With a few spots of test paint.) 
IMG_3825 copy
After. It’s just missing wall art and a bit of new decor to tie the new and old colors together!
IMG_3828 copy
After. Next project – replacing the dated tiles around the fireplace!
IMG_3829 copy
After a fresh coat of paint in the laundry room!

Home, Sick

Lil’ Miss K had to stay home sick a few days ago with a sinus infection. It was one of those days where she stayed in her pajamas most of the day, and I gave her some screen time. The only shows she has ever sat still for are Max the Glow Train and Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube. We felt her forehead so often, she learned to feel Daddy’s too. She had enough energy to play peek-a-boo in the kitchen cabinets, though!

IMG_2850 copy

IMG_2855 copy

IMG_2901 copy

IMG_2870 copy

Photos of the Day: Simple Play

Sometimes we just need to hang out at home. Lil’ Miss K and I had the best time just hanging out in her room a couple of days ago. She loves to close the door, wait for me to ask where she is, and burst in to “surprise” me! She also enjoys playing with toys that have been hidden away in her toy box for a while, even if she is getting a bit to old for them. Oh, how i love this girl.

IMG_8755 copy

IMG_8751 copy

IMG_8748 copy

IMG_8743 copy

Nicaragua Mission Trip – Day 3

Day 1
Day 2

Monday, July 20 – After another big breakfast, we left for the village at 8 a.m. We had a morning service, small group time, and  the opportunity to give our families Bibles. We finally got to work around 9:30.

This little girl turned out to be terrified of me and my camera
This little girl turned out to be terrified of me and my camera
Even the toddlers enjoyed the Bibles
Even the toddlers enjoyed the Bibles
Big helpers
Big helpers

Jerod worked on roofs again (with Jorge – he was off work since it was a national holiday) and I helped finish blocking at the same house I worked on yesterday. I mostly filled the cinder blocks with dirt and cement and moved the cinder blocks to the interior of the house so they were easier to access. Throughout the day I alternated between working, taking photos, and helping with the women’s and children’s Bible studies.

One of the sweetest little girls - Angie - loved posing for me
One of the sweetest little girls – Angie – loved posing for me
Hauling the tin roofs to the houses
Hauling tin roofs to the houses
Nic_058 copy
Jerod and other guys working on roofs
This is a typical construction site in the village - babies/kids involved, women dressed up, and quite crowded
This is a typical construction site in the village – babies/kids in the middle, women dressed up and working, and overall quite crowded
This is how they get their water
This is how they get their water

Before the women’s Bible study began, me, Abby, and Evelyn (one of the interpreters) walked around the village peeking into homes and letting women know that Bible study was going to start at 1 p.m. When we got back to the community center at 1, there were less than 10 women there. By about 1:20, there were closer to 40 women there. They definitely live on “Nica time”! Rachel did a good job leading the Bible study, even though at times it was loud and hard to hear. The women were given note cards and colored pencils and really enjoyed sketching and coloring during the study. The children’s Bible study was filled with kids, and Becky did a great job with them, even though it was even more difficult to hear.

Nic_073 copy
The first day of children’s Bible study

At the end of the day we met up with our Nica family in the community center and took a few photos. I played clapping games with Estephanie, and Jerod got Sebatian to giggling by playing with his sunglasses, which is apparently a universal game. Lil’ Miss K loves it too.

Estephanie and me
Estephanie and me
Sebasian and Jerod
Sebastian and Jerod

We left the village a little after 4, cleaned up, and had chicken with a yummy creamy jalapeno sauce for dinner. We had our evening church service, which included a few stories and prayer requests. I helped with lunch prep, and we stayed up just a bit later than the previous night. Getting used to this new schedule, I slept even better than the night before.

Photo(s) of the Day: New Landscaping

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we just got new siding on our house. The next tasks were to pain the front door to match the shutters, and to add landscaping. I thought the landscaping would be in the distant future, but my parents graciously came over on a couple of different occasions to watch Baby K and help till, spread new soil, and pick out plants. I’m so happy with the final result!

Golden Barberry
Hybrid Hosta
After new siding, a painted front door, and landscaping
After new siding, a painted front door, and landscaping. (Be sure to check out the “before” photos.)

Home Exterior Update

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks now, but things got busy. We had new siding put on our house in mid-February. It was supposed to be done in plenty of time before our baby arrived, but she had other plans. So we brought her home to workers banging on the side of the house for a couple of days. Luckily, it bothered me more than her. Here’s the final result…please excuse the shadows on the “after” photo. Next up: a painted front door and landscaping.


Photo of the Day: The Next Home Project

Last weekend we took on another fairly large home project – staining our deck. The previous homeowners had neglected it – the stain had wore off on the horizontal surfaces, and the wood was peeling horribly. After several hours of cleaning, power washing, and sanding, we were finally ready. It was pushing 100 degrees last weekend, so we got up early and spent both Saturday and Sunday morning staining. The finished product – Redwood Natural semi-transparent – turned out quite nice, if you ask me.

Photo(s) of the Day: Home Tour

For those of you who have been asking, here are a few photos of our new home. We moved March 9, and of course it took us awhile to unpack and settle in. Here are a few long overdue photos.

Welcome to our home!
Our living room.
Dining room with new table – we plan to remodel this room in the near future.
Kitchen – my favorite room in the house. (My cat’s favorite as well.)
Lower level – our favorite hang out spot.


Bathroom with lots of counter space!


Master bedroom (freshly painted).

Photo of the Day: Light Project

One of the first projects in our new home was replacing our entryway light. Check out the before and after and let me know you think.

Most of our house was move-in ready, but my husband was definitely ready to get rid of this light fixture – it had to be an original. I don’t think it had ever been dusted, either.
Here is our new, modern light fixture for our entryway. It kind of reminds me of a kitchen light, but we like it. 30 years from now some young’ins will be ripping it out of the entryway in disgust.

Photo of the Day: My First Place

After a very long week of packing, cleaning, painting, moving, and unpacking, we have officially moved into our first house. A big thank-you to all of our family who made the move go so quickly a smoothly.

My husband and I getting ready to open the door to our new home for the first time