Nora is ONE!

A few months have gone by since my last session. I upgraded my equipment, traveled abroad (without the equipment), and practiced a few times before my first session this Spring. I’m glad to be back! I feel like I was just shooting Nora’s newborn photos, and here we are celebrating the big ONE. It was so much fun to meet her grandparents and include the whole family! Despite a chilly morning, she did a great job smiling, clapping, and waving for the camera. (Ok let’s be real…for the grandparents). Just look at how much she’s changed!


Family Photos | It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

This couple entrusted me with their engagement photos years ago, having no portrait photography experience outside of college courses, and has been entrusting me ever since. When I look back on how many times we’ve done this, it makes sense that we could do an entire portrait session in 15 minutes flat! It was below freezing, so we were efficient, to say the least. I know mama was hoping for snow, but these pine trees were the next best thing. I love how it almost looks like we were at a Christmas tree farm!

Family Photos | Fall at the Nelson-Atkins

I love how photos can be taken at the same location, two different times of year, two different families, and you get very different photoshoots. We met at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and did our best trying to avoid all the other photoshoots and wedding parties. So while there aren’t the iconic columns and shuttlecocks in these photos, I absolutely love the setting and the way this family let me into their busy, beautiful lives.

Engagement Photos | Big Hill Lake

Last weekend was a nice change of pace – I got to take engagement photos of my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law in Southeast Kansas. Big Hill Lake is beautiful this time of year, with the tall stone bridge, sparkling lake, and colorful fall leaves. And my subjects were pretty fun, too. Especially after they got used to that unnatural feeling of acting natural together while someone shoots photos of you. I love how these turned out…it was so hard to narrow them down!

Family Portraits | Fall at its Peak

We timed the fall leaves just right for this session – check out the gorgeous tree in this first shot! I love the go-with-the-flow attitude of this family, and their carefree, silly boys. We’ve done portraits together several times, but like many others, I hadn’t seen them since before the pandemic. They’ve grown so much!

Family Portraits | Lake Olathe

This mama and I became fast friends through our kids a few years ago, so I was super excited and honored when she asked me to take their family photos. I love these kids and how they can be real around me. We got some great facial expressions, silly photos, and true authentic shots! These are just a handful of my favorites from the session. (And aren’t the fall colors gorgeous?)

Family Photos | There’s No Place Like Home

New favorite photo spot located…Turkey Creek Waterfall! Even though it felt like we was exploring Blue Ridge Mountain waterfalls in North Carolina, we were actually in a Kansas City suburb. This fun, hidden secret is in Merriam, Kansas. Thanks to this family for trusting me to try something new! I love how these turned out.

Family Photos | Northwood Trails

It’s easy to walk by the same scenery every day, taking it for granted, not appreciating its beauty. We did the exact opposite last weekend when I took photos for my neighbors in our very own neighborhood. We walked the trails, went to the fields, stopped by the pond, and finished in their own front yard. And I’m so happy with how these turned out, especially because the location itself was meaningful. Take a look!