Day 68: Symbol of Repentance

Although I’ve given up things for Lent before, yesterday was actually my first Ash Wednesday service. But I’m so glad I went, because I feel I can truly embrace the meaning of  it now. Giving up something I enjoy is the very least I can do to honor our Lord.

1/4 sec., F5.6, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (43 mm), no flash fired


2 thoughts on “Day 68: Symbol of Repentance

  1. Jenny

    My first one wasn’t until my senior year of high school, but I’ll never forget it. Mostly because in a church packed full of people silently praying, a mother and her young son were having a quiet argument about him going and getting a drink. There was a lull in their hushed conversation, then after about a minute or so the little boy just yells out “I have to go poop!” It was so hard not to laugh and continue praying. There were stifled laughs across church and just about everyone’s head bowed a little deeper as they tried not to laugh out too.

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