Tulip Time

Earlier in April, we took a day trip to Topeka to visit my sister. We went to the Topeka Zoo, ate at Blind Tiger Brewery, and checked out Tulip Time at Lake Shawnee. There were more than 100,000 gorgeous tulips in bloom! My favorite part was watching my 5-year-old run along taking photos with her camera.

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Photo(s) of the Day: Nature Sanctuary

One of the aspects I love about where I live is that despite the size (pop. ~30,000), and the location (the Midwest), there are still fun things to do. The Matha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. We’ve taken a picnic and gone on a few hikes there twice now, but this was the first time with Baby K. Saturday felt like a nice day, until we started hiking in the sun. It was hot. We saw a lot of small wildlife though, and it was so nice to have a laid back Saturday afternoon – the first one in months! If only we had Labor Day once a week instead of once a year!

These flowers attracted a lot of bees. (What kind of flower is it?)
Along the Rush Creek trail. The water was too high to cross and continue the hike.
Can you spot the frog?
Baby K taking a breather after being in the hot Ergo carrier.
Baby K observing a caterpillar. She loves The Hungry Caterpillar book!


Those Crazy People in Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the third and final installment of photos from our Rocky Mountain National Park vacation. This is the one my friends will enjoy the most, and my fellow bloggers could care less about.

Check out my wildlife photos, or take a peak at my scenery shots.

Feeding the chipmunks in Estes Park
Brandi, Lil’ W, and Bobby at Bear Lake
Baby K looks thrilled, doesn’t she?
Taking a break on our six-mile Ouzel Falls hike
Baby K having a good time with Daddy at our lunch stop
The obligatory “thumbs up” photo before a hike
Enjoying the serene Gem Lake
My family near Copeland Falls