Photo(s) of the Day: A Year in Review: Part II

Not only did I take photos outside with Baby K each month, but I also took photos of her on a rocking chair from my childhood, with a quilt her great-grandma made her. I didn’t want to post both each month, but I’ve collected them all here for you to see. The lighting wasn’t always the best, and sometimes she was grumpy, but I love seeing how she has grown. Month 8 is my favorite! Be sure to check out Part I if you missed it.



2 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Day: A Year in Review: Part II

  1. Such a fantastic idea of using the same setting to measure growth and what an adorable baby to do so with! Such a sweet collection of Baby K’s!!

    1. Thank you! We’ll certainly treasure these pictures for years to come. I imagine we’ll continue doing it, but less frequently since she won’t change as drastically from month to month.

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