Photo of the Day: My Girl

I haven’t been posting on the blog nearly as often lately, because I haven’t been taking nearly as many photos. We’ve been so busy with a new job, a move to a new house, and a new baby on the way, that I’ve barely had time! This weekend we had friends stay with us, so I had my camera out a lot. I just had to share this photo – a rare image with perfect focus, captured while Lil’ Miss K was jumping all over the place. More pics of the weekend to come!

IMG_3694 copy


Photo of the Day: Two and Three Quarters

My Lil’ Miss K is just 4 months away from being 3 years old. Hard to believe she’s closer to 3 than she is to 2. I love how much she talks – we have real, back-and-forth, conversations all the time. I also love some of the words she mispronounces – “chlocate” instead of “chocolate,” “hangaber” instead of “hamburger,” “cup-ul-der” instead of “cup holder.” I need to write all these cute little things down so I never forget. I see the wheels turning in her brain every day as she learns something new. Love it!

See how she’s changed since her last photo 4 months ago. (She’s still a tomboy who loves her tennis shoes and hates her hair in piggy tails.)



Senior Portraits | Damon

Yesterday afternoon I got to photograph Damon’s senior portraits in a unique new spot in St. Joe – and it was perfect! (Aside from record high temperatures.) If I lived closer I’d shoot there more often. I felt like I was visiting ancient ruins in a European country. Bonus: he did a great job posing, smiling, and being himself. I’m very happy with the results!

Check out the senior photos I did last year on a farm. If you’re interested in having me shoot senior portraits, click the “contact me” link above.

IMG_9691 copy

IMG_9708 copy

IMG_9788 copy

IMG_9862 copy

IMG_9865 copy

IMG_9895 copy

IMG_9916 copy

Photos of the Day: Simple Play

Sometimes we just need to hang out at home. Lil’ Miss K and I had the best time just hanging out in her room a couple of days ago. She loves to close the door, wait for me to ask where she is, and burst in to “surprise” me! She also enjoys playing with toys that have been hidden away in her toy box for a while, even if she is getting a bit to old for them. Oh, how i love this girl.

IMG_8755 copy

IMG_8751 copy

IMG_8748 copy

IMG_8743 copy

Cycle in the City

Yesterday afternoon we attended Kansas City’s Cycle in the City, where they close down the city’s prettiest street for an afternoon of biking/walking/skating. As a cyclist who always feels in the minority, it was great to see so many families out riding their bikes. I was amazed at how many little 3-4 year olds were riding without training wheels! We also discovered balance bikes, which you can get for toddlers as early as 18 months – it may be our next big splurge for Lil’ Miss K! We had a lot of fun checking out the event – next year we’ll be back with our bikes.

IMG_5863 copy

IMG_5866 copy

IMG_5872 copy
Lil’ Miss K loves playing with Daddy’s sunglasses, but she hates wearing her own!

IMG_5894 copy

IMG_5887 copy
Hanging out at a beautiful fountain along Ward Parkway

Photo of the Day: Fifteen Months Old

Lil’ Miss K turned fifteen months old yesterday! I think she’s grown a lot since last month – what do you think? She doesn’t stand still nearly as well now, and she was talking and shaking her arms in the second photo. 🙂 I’m glad I continued these photos past one year since she still seems to be changing so quickly.

IMG_5829 copy

IMG_5816 copy