Photo of the Day: Eighteen Months Old

I’m a couple of days behind, but Lil’ Miss K turned a year and a half old on Saturday! It’s hard to believe she’s halfway to two. Here’s how she has grown since last month.

IMG_8697 copy

IMG_8680 copy


Photo(s) of the Day: A Year in Review: Part II

Not only did I take photos outside with Baby K each month, but I also took photos of her on a rocking chair from my childhood, with a quilt her great-grandma made her. I didn’t want to post both each month, but I’ve collected them all here for you to see. The lighting wasn’t always the best, and sometimes she was grumpy, but I love seeing how she has grown. Month 8 is my favorite! Be sure to check out Part I if you missed it.


Photo of the Day: Happy Birthday Baby K!

I couldn’t help but get a little sentimental today, thinking about each part of this day exactly one year ago. From the (gratefully) quick labor, to holding her in my arms for the first time, to that first night (of many) with almost no sleep. Then I think about how far we’ve come this past year, and where we’re heading. It seems like each age gets more fun, yet there are always challenges. There may have even been a sleepless night or two when I swore I would never have another kid. Luckily things always look brighter in the morning. This poor girl has been to the doctor close to 20 times with reflux, milk allergies, a broken bone, and normal baby sicknesses.

But the good absolutely outweighs all of that. She still loves to snuggle and fall asleep in our arms. She’s awesome at going for stroller rides when we jog. She kind of likes to play with her ball, her piano, and a handful of other toys. She really likes to play with boxes, paper, coasters, and cell phones. Most of all, she likes to play with Daddy. She’s known for being the smallest baby with the biggest appetite…her favorite foods being bananas and bread (though she’ll eat most anything). Though we don’t understand a lot of what she says yet, she loves to talk.

I can’t wait for what the future holds. I wonder what her interests will be, what she’ll look like, what she’ll sound like. Not that any of those things matter – I couldn’t love her more if I tried. Happy birthday, baby!

(Check out her 11-month photo here. More first birthday photos to come.)

IMG_4896 copy