Photo of the Day: Crazy Cat

After spending way too much money in vet bills, I think we’ve officially adopted the black cat we rescued a couple of months ago. It just occurred to me that I’d only taken one picture of him. After trying for quite a while yesterday, I realize why. He doesn’t sit still for one. single. second. He’s the most affectionate cat you’ll ever meet, but he still doesn’t get along great with our other cat. He chases her in what seems to be an assertion of dominance. Any tips out there?


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Crazy Cat

    1. He just chases her and doesn’t ever hurt her, but in doing so she feels like she always has to be up high (like on top of the fridge) and never socialize with us when he’s around. And if he gets close to her, he she hisses and bats at him.

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