Photo of the Day: Beware the Fog

Better late than never … I’ve been sick the last several days, so my photography/blogging has been sporadic. I lucked out with this photo. This dreary scene was taken from my balcony last night, just before complete darkness. For anyone interested, this was a 10 second exposure.

It may seem like fog can ruin your photos, but sometimes it creates the best atmosphere.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Beware the Fog

  1. Dean/Sue Davison

    I love the photo, Lindy, but your new “Photographic Rhodes” logo being blue seems to detract from the photo more than your old one to me. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Mom

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  3. Shutterbug Sage

    There was ONE foggy morning when I was in Maastricht, Netherlands last October. Kind of unheard of in the Low Lands where it’s often foggy and often drizzling. I had the BEST morning walking around and shooting in that fog! Where I finished high school (East Bay of San Francisco) you could count on a foggy morning at least once a week, especially certain months of the year. We hardly get them here in KC, so I was digging the recent fog!

    1. Very cool. I’d love to visit the Netherlands. I agree with you – I love foggy days for taking photos. A couple of my favorites from my project 365 were foggy mornings.

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