Photo of the Day: Barbed Wire

Just another photo from Saturday morning. I love the simplicity and the early morning light.



Photo of the Day: Country Morning Fog

We stayed at my in-laws this weekend in Southeast Kansas. As I stumbled my way downstairs, still half asleep around 7 a.m., I saw this out the front door. I immediately grabbed my camera and headed outside, barefoot and in my pj’s. My in-laws weren’t the least bit surprised when I came back in with wet grass clippings caked to my feet. They sure do know me! This photo is dedicated to my mother-in-law – today is her birthday!

Day 47: A dreary day

Yesterday was difficult; my grandpa passed away. We spent the day with him at the hospice house as he slowly passed on. He was such a strong man – he truly held on to life on Earth until he couldn’t fight anymore. The hardest part was seeing my grandma grieve. They had been married 65 years, and it was always clear they were still in love. I took two photos that I feel symbolize the day. The first: a dreary, foggy, morning, symbolizing the sadness we all felt. The second: my mom and dad walking around a maze at the hospice house gardens. I think this photo symbolizes hope, light, and moving forward with all the happy memories we shared.

1/180 sec., F4.5, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (35 mm), no flash fired

1/750 sec., F?, ISO 400
300 mm zoom lens, no flash fired