Top 12 Photos of 2012

I’ve compiled my twelve favorite photos of 2012. The list is strictly my opinion – if you have favorites I’d love to hear about them. Please vote for your favorite at the bottom!

Devon’s hair spikes from static electricity caused by his balloons at his cousin’s first birthday party.
My sister and nephew silhouetted against a glass tank at the Kansas City SEALife Aquarium.
Looking over Union Station and downtown Kansas City, Missouri from on a hazy night.
A quiet, romantic morning on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.
Grandma celebrates her 88th birthday by blowing out her candles.
A cow grazes at sunset on a nearby Missouri farm.
A three-mile hike through patches of snow lead us to a spectacular view of Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park.
Miranda & Jesse’s wedding in September.
Sweet mom & daughter during fall family portraits.
“Yeah, I know I’m cute.” Family portraits in November.
A beautiful woman I met on my mission trip to Haiti.
Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza Lights.

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