Project 52 Week 29: One of the most beautiful places on Earth

I just got back from a family vacation to Glacier National Park! We flew to Seattle and took an Amtrak train to the park. I’ve traveled a bit and seen many beautiful places, but I think Glacier is the most underrated national park in the US. It’s so unique because of the way the colorful mountains were formed by glaciers, along with all the wildlife and flora. It saddens me to think that the glaciers will be gone by 2020, mostly due to global warming. We got so lucky with temperatures in the 70s, clear skies, and almost no wind. Today it was 105 degrees in Kansas City; I already miss it!

My nephew looks out the train window as we travel through Washington.
A three-mile hike through patches of snow lead us to a spectacular view of Hidden Lake.
This little lamb was just one of many sheep we saw on the Hidden Lake trail. The animals in the park clearly have no fear of humans, as they just grazed near the trail and ignored the hoards of people photographing them.
An early morning view of Swiftcurrent Lake in East Glacier.
There are many beautiful wildflowers throughout Glacier National Park; I thought this was one of the most unusual.
A view from the top of our four-mile hike to see Grinnell Lake. The hike was supposed to be eight miles and take us to Grinnell Glacier, but unfortunately half of it was closed due to hazardous snow and ice. The lakes in the park are turquoise due to the glacial ice melt and the sediments it leaves.
We woke up to a large black bear grazing on berries about 50 yards from our cabin! This was the third bear sighting of the trip.
The wide-open Montana sky led to the perfect opportunity for me to photograph stars (a first). I took this photo around midnight as cattle trucks were unloading cattle a few miles from the park.
A one-hour time exposure of stars passing over the Montana sky.
Tattoo, the guard llama at the alpaca farm were we stayed, blocked the driveway as we tried to leave the last morning.

14 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 29: One of the most beautiful places on Earth

  1. Shutterbug Sage

    WOW! Every one of these shots is breathtakingly beautiful and National Geographic-worthy! So beautiful!

  2. Lora

    I guess Mike and I will have to put that part of the country on our list of places to travel to. Your photo’s are just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them!! 😉

    1. Thank you! I’d definitely recommend visiting Glacier National Park. Just make sure you don’t go before mid-July or you might have snow.

  3. Bee

    Next year when I retire, my husband and I have enough points for a train adventure…this will be it !!!!!!!!

    1. The train was a lot of fun. We had some issues with the train being delayed on the way home, so make sure your flight isn’t booked until the following day in case it’s delayed. We had to rebook a flight out of another city because we were going to miss our flight. We also spent 8 hours on benches in the train station. :-\

  4. Anne Sullivan

    Several years ago, my husband & I made trips of the park–once with one sister & her husband, and later with another sister & mate. My very favorite place in all the US & Alaska!! Thank you very much.

  5. Jackie

    I love Northwest Montana and Glacier Park. The train ride from Seattle to Glacier is awesome as well. Love your pic!

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