Thoughts on Having Babies (Click for photos)

I have really mixed feelings about posting “belly” photos. I have lots of friends and family whom I don’t see regularly and want to see the progress of my pregnancy, but I also have friends longing for babies themselves that may find the photos hurtful. Some of them long for a spouse, some of them are struggling with infertility, some of them have reasons I’m completely unaware of. I told God before we got pregnant that I would be ok with adoption if that’s the path He wanted for us. We tried for several months to get pregnant, and even in that short amount of time, I felt my heart ache a little more each month. I know it’s nothing compared to what others go through regarding infertility, but I do get what it’s like to long for a child. For some reason God has blessed us with a growing baby, and I will not take my pregnancy or my baby for granted – we both thank God for what we’ve been given.

I know that once our baby is born, I’ll want to post photos of him or her on facebook and my blog all the time. Yet I want to be sensitive of those around me, so I’ll try to limit my posts. Please know I never mean to boast about what’s going on in my life, nor do I mean to hurt anyone when I share my photos.

With that being said, please click here if you’d like to see my most recent “belly” photos. My husband and I did an impromptu maternity photo session near midnight in front of our Christmas tree right before the holiday.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Having Babies (Click for photos)

  1. Hi, very nice photos, guess what, my wife is pregnant too and will soon meet our baby in Feb. It was not easy for us to have a baby as we struggled for around three years. But I completely endorse your thoughts on having a baby. You guys look great, Congratulation 🙂 and all the best … God bless 🙂


  2. Christina

    We’re so excited for you both. Having a baby (babies) is the best thing we’ve ever done. It’s such a miracle. You look beautiful Lindy, great pictures. Love your Christmas tree too.

  3. Clarisa

    I feel that way too sometimes, as far as posting pics of our family on facebook or whatever. It’s not to show off. but just a small way for those who live really far away from us to see our baby and kind of get to know him/us a bit. Plus, my friends who don’t have kids are always putting photos of their travels, so…..I figure that evens things out..right? .hehehe! 😉

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