Project 52 Week 36: Watchcat

On Saturday morning my husband and three of our friends ran in the Kansas City Zoo Run – a 4-mile run to benefit the Sumatran Tigers. After running 4 miles, we got free tickets to the zoo, so we walked about 4 more miles looking at all the animals. Even though I don’t have kids, I love going to the zoo because 1) I love animals, and 2) there are great photographic opportunities. My photo tip about zoos is to use the largest aperture (smallest number) you can, so the fences in the foreground are blurry and less of a distraction.

Thanks to the TV series Meerkat Manor, I bring you a photo of one of my favorite animals.

This meerkat, despite no chance of threat in the zoo, kept watch as two young meerkats wrestled below.

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