Animals of Fort Worth

Last month we traveled to Ft. Worth to visit some of our best friends. Our oldest kids are only two days apart in age! It was my kind of trip (I love animals) – we visited both Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was so nice to be able to wear short sleeves – something we still can’t do back in Kansas! Here are a few of my favorite photos.

IMG_8332 copy

IMG_8351 copy
At Fossil Rim, you are on private land with a speed limit of 10 mph, so it’s fun to be out of your seats where you can feed the animals.

IMG_8363 copy

IMG_8401 copy

IMG_8361 copy

IMG_8416 copy

IMG_8435 copy
Check out the seal behind the kids!

IMG_8438 copy

IMG_8447 copy

IMG_8505 copy
We had a very grumpy 4-year-old by the end of the day, but overall we had so much fun!



Fun at the St. Louis Zoo

Despite off and on rain all day, we had so much fun at the St. Louis Zoo last weekend. Lil’ Miss K absolutely loved the train and the carousel. The best part about the zoo – it’s free! Tip: parking is $15, but if you get there early, there’s on-street parking only about a block farther away.

IMG_7023 copy

IMG_7032 copy

IMG_7037 copy

IMG_7063 copy

IMG_7067 copy

IMG_7080 copy

IMG_7098 copy

Lovin’ the Playground

I’ve loved every stage of Lil’ Miss K’s life so far, but I’m really savoring this time. I can see the wheels turning as she thinks, learns, and explores more every day. She repeats words we recite to her all the time now. My favorites are “cracker” and “magnet” and “owl”. I’ve been taking her to the park near our house almost daily, but it has mulch, so it’s not easy for her to run around and play freely. (She likes to sit down and attempt to eat the wood chips.) The playground at the zoo however, is paradise. She had a blast! The slide is her favorite.

IMG_5607 copy

IMG_5612 copy

IMG_5626 copy

IMG_5628 copy

IMG_5621 copy

Springtime at the Zoo

We recently made our first trip of the season to the zoo! We went first thing on a rainy, dreary Friday morning, thinking it wouldn’t be crowded at all. We were wrong! There were tons of school groups there. But we still enjoyed ourselves – spring and fall are by far the best times to visit the zoo. The animals were so active! We got to see two monkeys jumping furiously from branch to branch chasing each other for several minutes, and my favorite moment was when Lil’ Miss K walked up to the glass at the penguin exhibit and the penguins immediately hopped out of the water and waddled over to check her out. We have season passes to the zoo, so we’ll be back several times this year.

IMG_5578 copy

IMG_5593 copy

IMG_5629 copy

IMG_5641 copy

IMG_5648 copy

Photo of the Day: Owl Always Love You

Last weekend, in contrast to yesterday’s four inches of snow, was actually quite warm. So we took a trip to the zoo. It was fun watching Baby K show interest and interact with the animals more than previous trips to the zoo. The first picture is what we claim to be her favorite animal – since her entire room and half of her wardrobe is adorned with owls. The second photo is probably her true favorite. The tamarin was actually very intrigued by Baby K!



Photos of the Day: A Day at the Zoo

Many of my facebook friends have seen these photos, but my blog friends have not. It’s funny how things change once you’re a parent. For my birthday this year, we spent a day at the zoo!

The Kansas City Zoo has a great new penguin exhibit.
Elephants are one of my favorites, because they are so smart! We watched this one paint a piece of art.
I was given the once-over by this guy.
Jerod and Baby K being checked out by the gibbons.
Baby K and me with the lemurs.