Day 243: With a Heavy Heart

This morning when I arrived at the office, my neighbor’s office, my absolute favorite co-worker’s office, was empty. This economy is affecting everyone, including the non-profit sector. It’s unfortunate when people who are doing everything they can to fight cancer are hit hard because fundraising is down, and they have to be let go. My friend is the most positive, faithful coworker anyone could ask for. She will be missed by everyone in the office – especially me. I think I was more sad to lose her than she was to lose her job, because she has faith that everything will work out for the best. And I believe that too. She’ll go on to do amazing things, and some day I’ll be asking for her autograph!

Yesterday's "see ya later" lunch with my best work-friend and several other coworkers.
Yesterday’s “see ya later” lunch with my bestest work-friend and several other coworkers.

3 thoughts on “Day 243: With a Heavy Heart

    1. Tekia

      Thanks so much Dean. It’s definitely not going to be the same working with your awesome daughter! I hope I get to see you all at the Southern Comfort Food Fest on Sept. 25!

      Take Care 😉

  1. Tekia

    Hey my friend, you are the absolute Bee’s Knees and I’m so gonna miss working with you. I’m especially gonna miss all of your awesome stories….hahahahaha 😉 Just remember if you need to let off some steam I’m a phone call and a lunch meeting away sister! See you soon 😉

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