Day 243: With a Heavy Heart

This morning when I arrived at the office, my neighbor’s office, my absolute favorite co-worker’s office, was empty. This economy is affecting everyone, including the non-profit sector. It’s unfortunate when people who are doing everything they can to fight cancer are hit hard because fundraising is down, and they have to be let go. My friend is the most positive, faithful coworker anyone could ask for. She will be missed by everyone in the office – especially me. I think I was more sad to lose her than she was to lose her job, because she has faith that everything will work out for the best. And I believe that too. She’ll go on to do amazing things, and some day I’ll be asking for her autograph!

Yesterday's "see ya later" lunch with my best work-friend and several other coworkers.
Yesterday’s “see ya later” lunch with my bestest work-friend and several other coworkers.

Day 208: Another Miniature

Yesterday I posted a photo of a baby bird, today it’s a baby carrot. This little guy was about a tenth the size of a typical baby carrot. Isn’t it cute? (I know…you’re thinking I’m a little weird. But I am on Day 208. Some days there just isn’t a whole lot going on.)

An itty-bitty baby carrot, so cute that I photographed it and forgot to eat it. I found it in my lunch box this morning.


Day 55: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Yesterday I ate lunch with some coworkers at a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant called The Brick in downtown Kansas City. It had the tastiest looking menu I’ve seen in a long time, and their burgers, sweet potatoes fries, and veggies with hummus were all amazing! I can’t wait to go back some time during Happy Hour. It just goes to show that appearance isn’t everything.

1/20 sec., F4.0, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (18 mm), no flash fired