Day 212: Hero of the Day

Yesterday morning I went outside to water my flowers, and a few seconds later I was frantically waking Jerod up. One of our baby barn swallows had fallen about 12 feet out of its nest onto our concrete patio. Since it wasn’t moving I was sure it didn’t survive, but when I got closer I saw that he was still breathing. So Jerod very willingly crawled out of bed, grabbed some flip-flops, work gloves, and a step-ladder, and we coaxed the baby into his hands to return it to the nest. It took quite a while to figure out how to pick it up and slide it into the nest without harming it, but a few minutes later the mamma bird was back at the nest, and all the babies were chirping away like nothing happened.

A baby barn swallow being returned to its nest after falling out. (I snapped this picture in a hurry so the focus isn’t quite where I wanted it to be.)

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