Photo of the Day: Owl Always Love You

Last weekend, in contrast to yesterday’s four inches of snow, was actually quite warm. So we took a trip to the zoo. It was fun watching Baby K show interest and interact with the animals more than previous trips to the zoo. The first picture is what we claim to be her favorite animal – since her entire room and half of her wardrobe is adorned with owls. The second photo is probably her true favorite. The tamarin was actually very intrigued by Baby K!



Photo of the Day: Hoot Hoot

I’m excited to say that I took this photo in my backyard yesterday. I live in a suburb of Kansas City, so seeing an owl in my yard isn’t exactly a common occurrence. I heard a ton of birds making all kinds of squawking noises yesterday evening, so I looked outside to see what was going on, and this large owl was starring right at me. I grabbed my camera and took a couple of quick distance shots, then walked closer only to get few blurry shots before she flew off. Coolest nature experience so far since we moved in March! Does it look like she’s is blinking in this photo?

Photo of the Day: Lone Cardinal

Tonight I attended a National Geographic talk about birds of paradise. The talk (by a Nat Geo photographer and ornithologist) was so informative, and the photos were incredible! It made me realize how little time I’ve taken to photograph birds. Maybe I just haven’t had the patience for it, but I want to be more intentional about it in the future. Here’s one of my few shots…nothing in comparison to what I saw tonight.

A cardinal seen during a Kansas winter, 2012.