Day 48: A beautiful life

I wanted to share this photo today, of my Grandpa and Grandma in the 1940’s shortly after they were married. Grandpa was a WWII veteran who courageously drove a tank and lived to tell about it. They were a beautiful couple, don’t you think? The time I spent with my grandpa and grandma growing up helped shape me in to who I am today, and I will always cherish those memories.


Here is the photo I took today on top of the downtown Kansas City library. It was sure gorgeous outside for February 17!

Nikon Coolpix S52, F3.3, ISO 100
63 mm focal length, no flash fired


One thought on “Day 48: A beautiful life

  1. Great picture and great memories. Since my whole blog is representative of your feelings for your grandparents it is very heart-warming to see this and your comments.

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