Photos of the Day: Blackberry Picking

So these photos might be from July…and I might have just got around to editing them…but they were too cute not to share. Lil’ Miss K with Grandma and Grandpa in the blackberry patch!






Happy birthday, Grandma!

Today is my grandma’s 92nd birthday! She lives on the other side of the state, but luckily we had time to make the long round-trip drive yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. I’m glad she did – she was all smiles!

IMG_7370 copy

IMG_7378 copy

Photo of the Day: Spoiled Girl

My parents watched Baby K over the last couple of weeks while I returned to work. This summer, Daddy will get to watch her since he’s a teacher! I think everyone got spoiled while the grandparents visited – Baby K, the grandparents, and me. I absolutely love this photo of them.

My all-time favorite picture of Baby K, Grandma, and Grandpa.

Photos of the Day: Baby K Meets the Greats

My daughter met one great-grandma in the hospital, and she finally got to meet the other two this weekend! What a blessing it is that she has three great-grandparents in her life.

Great-grandma Nadine holds Baby K in the hospital
Great-grandma Nadine holds Baby K in the hospital, at one day old.
Great-grandma Verle was thrilled to hold Baby K at the nursing home.
Great-grandma Verle was thrilled to hold Baby K at the nursing home, at 6 weeks old.
Great-grandma Lea holds Baby K in her home, at 6 weeks old.
Great-grandma Lea holds Baby K in her home, at 6 weeks old.

Photo of the Day: Memories of Grandpa

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my grandpa, who passed away two years ago today. Even though I miss him all the time, it really was a blessing after several years of dementia and living in a nursing home.

This is one of my favorite photos of him. In 2008 he was living in the nursing home, and grandma was recuperating from surgery and couldn’t visit for a couple of months. Despite the memory loss, he knew that grandma hadn’t been visiting, and he was thrilled when she finally came back, constantly kissing her and holding her hands. Their love endured everything – 64 years of marriage and beyond.

Grandma and Grandpa, reunited after two months apart, August 2008

Days 350-352: All kinds of holidays

This weekend we experienced both ends of the spectrum when it came to holiday parties – from the bar scene to church, and from the young to the old. Friday evening Jerod and I went to his work holiday party at Howl at the Moon Piano Bar. Bright and early Saturday morning we made the drive to his parents’ house to celebrate four Christmases. (Gift opening with immediate family, Christmas with Grandma, a Christmas concert, and a celebration with extended family.) Here are my favorite photos from each day.

You've gotta love the expression on the face of Jerod's coworker. I'm not sure if this was chance or if he saw me taking the photo, but it's perfect!
Our sweet, yet ornery nephew Caleb was excited to open Christmas presents this year.
Grandma Verle opens her pj's with a smile. After Jerod's Grandpa passed away last year, she's had to live in a nursing home.

Day 353: Delicate Memories

Today marks 10 years since my Grandma H. passed away. Sometimes I’m surprised at how much you can miss someone when they have been gone so long. One of my most cherished memories was the last time I saw her in the nursing home. I crawled into bed next to her, and she stroked my hair and told me how much she loved me. This little glass butterfly was a gift from me to her while she was in the nursing home. Now it is a part of my home and my memories.

(I will post this weekend’s photos tomorrow.)

A glass butterfly originally given to my grandma over 10 years ago. It now sits on a bookshelf in my home.

Day 176-177: Sometimes it’s the simple things…

Despite the stormy, hot weather, it was a good weekend. On Saturday morning Jerod, Callie, and I went to Camp Courage, a camp for adults with special needs, to help with a booth for their carnival. And on Sunday we celebrated my grandma’s 87th birthday by taking her lunch and cake and watching the Royals. (By the way, the cake in the photo is cake #2. Cake #1 went in the trash can when I didn’t hear the timer go off and burnt it to a crisp. I took the ‘DO NOT OVERCOOK’ warning label on the angel food cake package to heart.) I think both of these photos illustrate that sometimes the simplest things in life make us the happiest.

Having fun at the duck pond at Camp Courage.
Grandma preparing to blow out her birthday candles.

Day 79: Around the river and through the woods…

… to Grandmother’s house we go! Yesterday we spent a couple hours with Grandma, bringing her one of her favorite foods (Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s), watching basketball, and looking through photo albums. She’s lonely without Grandpa around, but she’s a devout KU basketball fan. I hope they stay in the tournament awhile longer since watching them play brings her so much  joy!

Canon 60d
1/50 sec., f/4.5, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (18 mm), natural light