Best. Engagement. Ever. (Except mine, of course)

This past Sunday was a special day for a special couple. Our worship leader pulled me aside about a week ago, asking if I could bring my camera to church on Sunday. Of course! At the end of the service, he announced his girlfriend’s birthday (also in the praise band) and started singing, “I wanna grow old with you” from The Wedding Singer. By the time he got down on one knee, I’m pretty sure the entire congregation was in tears. I’m so happy I got to take part in such a memorable moment.





Project 52 Week 3: #IAmBlessed

I try not to post too many sunrise/sunset photos, but I just couldn’t resist this one. After working on sermon slides at church Thursday evening, I left just minutes before the sun sank below the horizon. Besides adding my watermark, this photo has not been edited. The colors were truly that beautiful. What a blessing!

A beautiful sunset in Platte Woods, Missouri.

Day 160: Trash and Treasures

This week is the Platte Woods United Methodist Church annual Trash & Treasure Sale. Since we only joined the church a few months ago, last night was my first time experiencing the sale. All I can say is…WOW! I’ve never seen so many “treasures” in my life! The only sale I know of that competes with this one is my former high school Band Garage Sale, which raises around $10,000 annually. All the proceeds from this sale go toward the church’s mission trips.

A huge pile of stuffed animals at the Trash & Treasure Sale at Platte Woods United Methodist.

Days 119-121: Relay For Mercy In Action

I definitely had a full weekend. On Friday my mom and I ran a Relay For Life garage sale, which was a big success! We raised $375 in one day, thanks to several families’ donated items. On Saturday Jerod and I ran the Run For Mercy 10k, which is a fundraiser to improve the lives of South African children affected by HIV/AIDS. Jerod was nice enough to stay with me all 6.4 miles, and we beat our hour goal with a time of 59:19. On Sunday we participated in our church-wide Faith in Action volunteer weekend. We helped repair a fence and clean up shrubs around it. Needless to say, I’m tired! But no time to rest – back to work tomorrow.

Many items were for sale at our Relay For Life garage sale on Friday.
The kids took the Kids Fun Run very seriously at Saturday’s Run For Mercy.
Jerod hard at work clearing bushes around a fence at Faith in Action on Sunday.
Bonus Photo: Mother goose with her goslings at our Faith in Action work site.

Day 114: A Full House

Platte Woods United Methodist Church had a packed house for Easter. They even added an extra service and offered shuttle rides to help with parking. What a great way to celebrate Christ!

Canon 60d
1/30 sec., f/4.0, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (24 mm), ambient light