Happy birthday, Grandma!

Today is my grandma’s 92nd birthday! She lives on the other side of the state, but luckily we had time to make the long round-trip drive yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. I’m glad she did – she was all smiles!

IMG_7370 copy

IMG_7378 copy

Wedding Photography | The Hadleys

I had the honor and privilege of photographing my coworker’s wedding this past weekend. I think everyone was a bit bummed out that the rainy weather and cool temps moved the ceremony inside instead of on the lake, but everything was beautiful nonetheless. The bride was stunning in her dress, and the families were so much fun! There’s always a hiccup at a wedding – in this case, the bride couldn’t find her purse, which made her late to her own big day. The guests were laid back and took it in stride. Aside from that, it went off without a hitch. It’s obvious how in love these two are – I was lucky to be a part of their big day.

IMG_6385 2 copy

IMG_6412 2 copy

IMG_6466 2 copy

IMG_6474 2 copy

IMG_6631 2 copy

IMG_6555 2 copy

IMG_6543 2 copy

IMG_6509 2 copy

IMG_6616 2 copy copy

IMG_6270 2 copy

Photo(s) of the Day: Cake Smash!

Baby K had a great time devouring her first birthday cake! It took her a bit of time to figure out what to do, and the cake was a little too dense for her to make big mess, but she definitely enjoyed each bite!

A big thank you to my friend Mandy for taking my camera and doing a fantastic job capturing these priceless memories.

IMG_4760 copy

IMG_4774 copy

IMG_4777 copy

IMG_4787 copy

IMG_4796 copy

IMG_4802 copy

Photo(s) of the Day: If It’s Not Broke … I’ll Get To It

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our niece’s 7th birthday. She chose a peace sign/rainbow cake and practically got a whole new bedroom – a full-sized bed, psychedelic bedding, and a lava lamp. Reminds me of when I was her age! (And no, it wasn’t the 70s.)

Her little brother was wearing a shirt absolutely fitting for him: “If It’s Not Broke … I’ll Get to It.”

Days 57-58: Babies, toddlers, and gifts – oh my!

This weekend was full of celebration! We went to our nephew’s 2nd birthday party in Southeast Kansas on Saturday, and on Sunday I attended my good friend Lauren’s baby shower.

Caleb was very serious about the gift-opening process, and Beth was dying to help.

1/125 sec., F8.0, ISO 200
18-55 mm lens (28 mm), external flash fired

No baby shower is complete without the mom-to-be sniffing diapers!

1/15 sec., F4.0, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (31 mm), no flash fired

Day 35: Da Bears

I love my job; yesterday we had a Super Bowl party & chili cook-off for lunch. One of the craftiest ladies at work, Christy, showed us up once again. She made this extravagant cake, complete with frosted Packers, Steelers, and referees.

1/30 sec., F5.6, ISO 400
18-55mm lens (55 mm), no flash fired