Portrait Session | Wild, Wild “West”

I had a great time taking photos of this wild & fun family in Kansas City’s West Bottoms this weekend. I’ve shot portraits there three times so far, and every time the backdrop has been completely different and unique. It continues to be a favorite spot of mine! This portrait session was won in a Relay For Life silent auction. I love doing photography for a good cause – and there’s no better cause than fighting cancer – something that touches us all. Bonus: this family was so great to work with…not to mention so photogenic!








Family Portraits, Happy Rock Trail

We had perfect weather yesterday evening for family portraits! You’d never guess it, but this mamma of two boys was nervous about them not sitting still and posing for photos. Don’t they look like sweet angels? Well, they are, but they’re also very busy. But that’s normal and that’s ok! We made it fun by moving around and making silly faces…and still got great photos.

IMG_5065 2 copy

IMG_5107 2 copy

IMG_5126 2 copy

IMG_5145 2 copy

IMG_5179 2 copy

IMG_5279 2 copy

Photo(s) of the Day: Sugar High

Last weekend my friend Julie and I invited over our friends’ four young boys for some Christmas cookie decorating. (Actually, she did the hosting, and I just tagged along for support.) The boys were so active and fun, and as you can see, we had our hands full! Props to both mammas for having energy to take care of these sweet little balls of energy every day.

Photo of the Day: The “Look”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this past weekend we attended Purple Stride, a Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 5k. After seeing my twin cousins’ facial expressions in this photo from the event, I couldn’t help but share it. If you wrote your own caption, what would it say?

Izac and Devon at Purple Stride. Feel free to comment below with your own caption about what they may have been thinking as I snapped this photo!