Photo of the Day: Pink Thumb

My mom gave me a bag of lily bulbs from Aldi for my birthday, and since they were cheap, we weren’t sure if they’d do much of anything. They’ve been slowly growing for a couple of months with just a few small leaves, and then within the last few days huge buds formed on a couple of the plants. And then all of a sudden … this gorgeous flower appeared! Maybe I’m on my way to having a green thumb?


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Pink Thumb

  1. You can have a pink thumb any day at my house — my daughter will happily pull out her markers and draw on you! Pretty flower, too!

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  3. Even if your thumb doesn’t turn green, your shudder finger is working just fine. 🙂 Great shot. I just don’t get tired of shooting flowers or looking at those done by other people.

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