Days 307-311: The Start Of A New Chapter

Whew … I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The move to our new apartment is complete; now we just have to finish unpacking. Here are photos from the last several days throughout the move.

We signed the lease Thursday evening and did some thorough cleaning before moving in furniture.


Thanks to this moving truck and the help of Jerod's family, we were able to move everything in one trip on Friday.
We spent Saturday priming and cleaning our old apartment, thanks to the help of my sister and nephew. I love this scene - three people cleaning my bathroom. Notice we gave the toilet cleaning job to my 8-year-old nephew.
On Sunday we took our washer and dryer to my sister's place since our new apartment provides them. My nephew was a big help.
Aside from a new air filter, our old apartment sat empty on Monday.