Day 280: Patching Holes

Well it’s official – we’re moving in less than a month. Earlier this year we had a little accident with the carpet in our apartment. Last night we tried our best to repair it. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. If we still get our deposit back, I’ll consider this project a success (and one I can laugh at down the road).

Jerod cut out the burnt patch of carpet. Luckily it hadn't burned through the pad.
After some handiwork, we inserted a new piece of carpet I'd found near the dumpster a while back. Classy, right?
Esme was quite perplexed about the whole situation.
We glued the new carpet to the old pad, but unfortunately the carpets weren't identical, so we trimmed around the edges to blend them.
It's not an exact match, but it just has to be good enough for the apartment staff not to notice during our final walk-through. Fingers are crossed!

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