Day 214: Not Ready to Leave the Nest

Ok, to try and make a long story short, we’ve “rescued” the baby barn swallows about four times since my previous post. Maybe we should just let nature take its course, but I can’t watch as the babies tumble out of their nest and sit helplessly on our concrete patio, unable to fly. So yesterday evening I made them a nest on the patio with a beach towel, because 4 of the 5 babies were back on the ground. Without Jerod’s help, there was no way I could put them back in their nest.

In an attempt to get the little guys in their new nest, the biggest one took off … toward the pond. I chased after him and watched as he landed right in the middle of the pond – head first. I watched in horror thinking I’d killed this innocent creature, but after many long seconds he started flopping across the water in the opposite direction. He finally made it to a rock just off shore, and I contemplated if I should just leave him be. Then I realized he wouldn’t have a chance without his matured wings or mother. So I walked around the pond and contemplated again what to do. I could use the glove, but if I didn’t get a firm grip he’d jump back in the water. So I reached out and grabbed him in with my bare hand, wrapped him in a small towel, and took him back to my patio and put him in the “nest” with the rest of the birds.

As of this morning, all 4 were still in the new nest, and mama bird had been flying by with pre-digested food for them. They get so excited every time she comes! This photo is much cuter than the one I’d previously taken … so I’m sharing yet another barn swallow photo with you today. And possibly again tomorrow.

Four baby barn swallows chirp and open wide, waiting for mama bird to feed them. They’re resting on my homemade nest since they keep falling out of the real one.