Days 51-52: Until we meet again

Here are a few photos from Grandpa’s visitation last night and his graveside service today. Jerod’s comment today really put everything into perspective. “He is up in heaven right now bragging to all the Saints that he personally knows God.” If you know Grandpa, you know how true that statement is.


This photo makes me laugh, because it could probably go on (But...please don't submit it!) I guess I still need to work on my family portrait skills!




I handed my camera over to Jerod for the graveside service and this is one of the beautiful photos he took.
Photo by Jerod Rhodes




One thought on “Days 51-52: Until we meet again

  1. Angie Martin

    Beautiful picture and a beautiful service!!! Grandpa will be truly missed and we all know he is still alive in our hearts. Remember there is no “goodbye” there is only “see ya later”. Hang in there!


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