Day 19 & 20: Double snow, double fun?

I’m going out of town for a few days, so I’m posting both yesterday and today’s photos. I’ll post this weekend’s photos when I return.

After a slow and slick drive home from work yesterday afternoon in the rapidly accumulating snow, I attempted to capture the falling snow in a photograph.

1/180 sec., F8, ISO 400

18-55mm lens (24mm focal length), flash fired

About 7 inches of snow later, I woke up early this morning to find that work was closed. I planned to help Jerod get ready for work so he could get an early start on the road. I started his car, but instead of helping him clean it, I just took pictures as he worked away in the cold. So much for double the fun! Spring, I’m not so patiently awaiting you!

.5 sec with tripod, F4, ISO 400

18-55mm lens (20mm focal length), no flash


2 thoughts on “Day 19 & 20: Double snow, double fun?

  1. Michael Pommier

    Regarding the photo on the bottom, isn’t it interesting how colors look when you allow them time to develop with a long exposure time and no flash. That photo would not have been near as interesting if you had used the flash.

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