Day 6: Helpless

Today marks the one-month anniversary of someone stealing my wedding ring. Here is my first attempt at a self-portrait, attempting to portray the emotion I felt when I realized my most valued possession was gone.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Helpless

  1. Joyce

    What happened to your ring? I know it’s hard but it can be replaced, just have it blessed and it will be as a NEW LOVE.. Just remember the most valueble possession will be by your side tonight and forever…………
    I enjoy viewing your work, you are so talented. I miss hearing about you both, tell your Mom and Dad hello for me!!

    1. My ring got stolen out of my locked locker at the Y (along w/ credit card and a couple other things). And I am of course very grateful that no one was hurt and it was just the ring and not the marriage. Thank you for your kind words…I really appreciate it coming from a talented photographer such as youself. 🙂

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