One of my other passions besides photography is animals. If I didn’t completely love them, I would have gotten rid of my red-eared sliders in their two 35-gallon tanks long ago. (See below.)

Ducks live at our apartment complex, and they love to play in the mud!

This is our sweet cat, Esme. (Ez-May) We stole the name from the “Twilight” series.

I guess she’s not always sweet. She plays rough!

My two turtles, Michaelangelo and Leonardo, are quickly growing to the size of a dinner plate. When I bought them in college, they were the no bigger than a quarter, and they were swimming around with hundreds of other little guys in a mall aquarium. I felt sorry for them, and the salesman said they wouldn’t grow bigger than my hand. I quickly discovered his lie as soon as I walked into PetSmart with the little creatures and heard gasps from the associates. “You know how big they get, right?” Well, I do now.

This may not be the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it shows the daily battle between my pets.