Rock Chalk Baby

We got to welcome a new baby into the family this week! My cousin Holly, and her husband Adam, were blessed with beautiful baby Samantha on Monday, June 11. You can tell she’s going to be a huge MU fan, right? 😉

Mommy carefully strokes baby Samantha.
We actually remembered to get a photo of both parents with their newborn baby – something we usually forget.
Baby Jayhawk feet.
Baby Samantha looks so tiny in Daddy’s arms.
Just let me sleep, please!

Days 336-338: ‘Tis The Season

This weekend was filled with Christmas preparations and activities. Friday evening we attended the University of Kansas Holiday Vespers concert with songs from the KU Symphony Orchestra and the KU Choirs. I spent some time at my parents’ house on Saturday where I was able to admire my all-time favorite holiday decoration: my mom’s Dickens Village. And Sunday evening Jerod and I finally made time to put up our own Christmas decorations with just one minor injury. What are your favorite holiday traditions or decorations?

The KU Orchestra and Choir perform "It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year."
The Dickens Village collection.
A pile of Christmas decorations awaits my creativity and my husband's skills.

Day 79: Around the river and through the woods…

… to Grandmother’s house we go! Yesterday we spent a couple hours with Grandma, bringing her one of her favorite foods (Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s), watching basketball, and looking through photo albums. She’s lonely without Grandpa around, but she’s a devout KU basketball fan. I hope they stay in the tournament awhile longer since watching them play brings her so much  joy!

Canon 60d
1/50 sec., f/4.5, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (18 mm), natural light