Photo of the Day: Best Toy Ever

Who knew that the best toy in the world to 9-month-olds would be a remote?
Broken electronics? Check. I’ve got Christmas covered.

Whatever it is they are thinking, they’re definitely on the same wave length. You’d think they were twins!
Get used to it Baby K, the boy usually gets the remote in the end.

Photo of the Day: Too Petite

We tried Baby K in her door jumper last night since she’s starting to sit up and making lots of strong kicking motions. She’s still too short to jump – but as apprehensive as she looks in the photo, she loved just sitting and swinging in it!

Baby K in her door jumper – not really sure what to think, but enjoying sitting up!

Project 52 Week 7: Cheap Entertainment

My cat Esme’s new favorite toy is a milk ring. She will play fetch with it over, and over, and over. And over again. She also loves to hide it under rugs and dig it back out. Eventually she chews it up, but once the milk’s gone, she always has a new free toy! Cheap entertainment for her – and for us.

Esme and my husband playing with her favorite toy.