Photos of the Day: Blizzard of Oz

I’ve heard the snowstorm that blew through the Midwest yesterday referred to as the Blizzard of Oz. We have crazy weather in Missouri, but this was a lot of snow. As in, a foot of snow. I’m so grateful that I was able to work from home the last two days rather than venture out on the treacherous roads. It made the falling snow much more peaceful. I didn’t even mind helping my husband shovel the driveway this morning. Here are a few shots from around our house.


Photo of the Day: A Beautiful Storm

Yesterday brought several rounds of quick, but fierce, thunderstorms through the Kansas City area. Some of my friends posted photos on facebook of some crazy-looking frontal clouds, but unfortunately I was stuck inside work without a good view. Yesterday at sunset, however, there were some storms off in the distance, causing the sky to have a really unique, gorgeous hue.

Photo of the Day: Tornado Destruction

As you all know, a devastating tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday. And two years ago yesterday, a horrific tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri. I have lots of friends and family in Oklahoma, brother-in-law lives in Joplin and I went to college about 30 minutes from there, so hearing about tornado destruction always strikes home. Even though I’ve lived in tornado alley my entire life and spent many occasions in basements during tornado warnings, I’ve never personally seen one. But I have seen the aftermath. I cannot pretend to understand what the people of Oklahoma are going through right now. There are tons of great organizations out there if you choose to make a donation, but two of the most reputable in my opinion are the Red Cross and UMCOR. UMCOR spends 100 percent of designated donations on the projects donors specify.

Gazing at a destroyed house during a mission trip to Joplin, Missouri in August 2011

Photo of the Day: I Hope the First is the Last

This is the first snowstorm in our new home. I was hoping it wouldn’t come until next winter; now I just hope it’s the last one until next winter. The funny thing is that we never owned a snow shovel at our apartment, and since all the hardware and garden stores are prepped for spring, no one has them for sale. We’re now proud owners of a “manure shovel,” which will hopefully work great for snow removal and never manure removal.

The beginnings of a late March snowstorm in Kansas City

Photo of the Day: Spring or Snow?

I won’t even express my opinion about yesterday’s snow and the eight more inches expected to pound Kansas City tomorrow. At the end of March. During Spring. Ok, maybe there was a little bit of opinion in that statement. But here’s a photo of beautiful spring daffodils … in the snow.

A vase of daffodils rests in the snow

Photo of the Day: MIA Alert

You may have seen my post last week stating that we bought a house. This week, on top of working full time, we’ll be getting the house ready for move-in. Our big move is Saturday, then we’ve only got a couple of days to unpack before our next big adventure. (Any guesses on what that is?) My blog posts will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks, so please bear with me.

Until then, here is another shot from last week’s storm. Can you name the building in the background?

Tree branches remain covered after last week’s storm.

Photo of the Day: The Weight of the Snow

With a foot of snow on the ground and another foot expected tonight, I’ve never been more ready for spring. It seems so late in the season for such heavy accumulation, but I did find this photo in my archives from exactly two years ago.

A small tree weighed down by snow, downtown Kansas City, Feb. 25, 2011