Photo of the Day: Skylight

I took this photo Monday evening as the sun began to set. It isn’t your typical sunset photo, but I loved the spotty clouds drifting across the sky.

Days are finally feeling longer; I get to enjoy a bit of sunlight as I head home.

Photo of the Day: Scentsy Shadows

I love, love, love this Scentsy warmer I got for Christmas. Sometimes I turn it on right before bed just to watch the “bird” shadows flicker on the wall.

(By the way, I have a friend who is donating 25% of Scentsy sales to my 2013 Relay For Life team. I’ve already raised $400! If you want to place an order, you go do so here. Just click Relay For Life Fundraiser.)

The “Loom” Silhouette Scentsy Warmer

Project 52 Week 26: Country Lovin’

Thursday evening I ventured out around sunset to capture some photos. I was feeling down on luck when a baby calf and pony weren’t in a field I’d seen them in earlier in the week, so I shot some disappointing photos of corn fields. And then … I came upon this. Perfection.

A cow grazes at sunset on a nearby Missouri farm.

Project 52 Week 21: On the Road Again …

This past week, my husband and I took a road trip with another couple to North Carolina & South Carolina. We had an amazing trip! We just got back last night, so I obviously haven’t sorted through all my photos yet, but here are just a few of my favorites. As you can see, we had quite the mixture of activities throughout our trip.

During a hike to Grotto Falls in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, we saw a guy with a pack of lamas transporting supplies to a hike-in resort. We couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time to capture this moment.
Grotto Falls, Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
A beautiful butterfly captured our attention at a lookout point in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
A lookout point at Great Smoky National Park during one of the few sunny moments.
A picturesque facade of a historic home in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is the 2nd most preserved city in the world, behind Rome.
We experienced the perfect sunrise on the Sullivan’s Island beach in South Carolina.
A quiet, romantic morning on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.

Project 52 Week 16: Bringing the Ocean to Missouri

I was beyond excited when the SEALife Aquarium opened in Kansas City just a few weeks ago. Considering I live in almost the most landlocked city in the United States, this was a big deal. So visiting it this weekend was a great way to celebrate my birthday with family. (A friend of mine just took her one-year-old daughter to the aquarium for her birthday, too. I wonder what having the same birthday party as a one-year-old says about me?) I had a great time taking photos, but as usual, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Do you have a favorite?

A giant sting ray swims amongst many other sea creatures in SEALife Aquarium's biggest tank.
My sister and nephew are silhouetted against a glass tank.
My favorite fish in the entire aquarium was this little Picasso Triggerfish. (Or in Hawaiian, it's called the humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish.)

Day 129: A different angle

One of my fellow colleagues had her last day at work a few days ago – these flowers that remain on her desk just don’t quite fill the void.

Canon 60d, 1/125 sec., f/3.5, ISO 125, 20 mm focal length, natural light