Rock Chalk Baby

We got to welcome a new baby into the family this week! My cousin Holly, and her husband Adam, were blessed with beautiful baby Samantha on Monday, June 11. You can tell she’s going to be a huge MU fan, right? 😉

Mommy carefully strokes baby Samantha.
We actually remembered to get a photo of both parents with their newborn baby – something we usually forget.
Baby Jayhawk feet.
Baby Samantha looks so tiny in Daddy’s arms.
Just let me sleep, please!

Day 206: Let’s ‘Park’

Our apartment complex had our parking lot re-paved yesterday, so I convinced Jerod to play around with some night portraits in the empty parking lot. There was a lot of giggling and a lot of eye-rolling (I’m sure you can guess who was doing what), but I think I ended up with some good photos. I couldn’t decide which type of portrait I liked better, so I’m including two.

Jerod dipping me in the empty parking lot.
Jerod and me spinning in the empty parking lot.