Photo(s) of the Day: Biggest Little Royals Fan Ever

This weekend we attended Baby K’s third Royals game! You may think I’m a huge baseball fan, but I admit that isn’t exactly true. I do enjoy baseball, but usually one Royals game a year is enough for me. We just happened to have the opportunity to go to three games this season – and we sure picked a great one for it! Baby K is obviously good luck – they won all three games we attended. And she’s on her way to being an even bigger fan, because her Uncle Matt spoiled her with some cute girly Royals onesies!

Baby K with Grandpa and Grandma Rhodes
Baby K with Grandpa and Grandma Rhodes.
Baby K with Mommy & Daddy. (My hair was looking pretty awful by the end of the night.)

Photo of the Day: Day at the K

My husband, dad, and I had tickets to the Royals baseball game last Friday. You may have seen my grumblings about the snow, or if you live in the Midwest you were probably grumbling with me. The game was postponed and rescheduled for Monday at 1:10 p.m. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t go since he’s a teacher, but thanks to my accumulated personal days, I was able to go with my retired parents. For once, the weather was perfect. Despite the fact that we lost in the 11th inning to the White Sox, it was actually a really exciting game … for baseball. 🙂

Chilling at Kauffman Stadium during the Royals baseball game Monday afternoon

Project 52 Week 28: Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Thanks to some friends of ours, we had the opportunity to experience a Kansas City Royals game up close and personal Friday night – just four rows behind the dugout! Sometimes I zone out during baseball games … but not with seats like these! (I won’t mention who won the game.)

Kansas City Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar.

Day 176-177: Sometimes it’s the simple things…

Despite the stormy, hot weather, it was a good weekend. On Saturday morning Jerod, Callie, and I went to Camp Courage, a camp for adults with special needs, to help with a booth for their carnival. And on Sunday we celebrated my grandma’s 87th birthday by taking her lunch and cake and watching the Royals. (By the way, the cake in the photo is cake #2. Cake #1 went in the trash can when I didn’t hear the timer go off and burnt it to a crisp. I took the ‘DO NOT OVERCOOK’ warning label on the angel food cake package to heart.) I think both of these photos illustrate that sometimes the simplest things in life make us the happiest.

Having fun at the duck pond at Camp Courage.
Grandma preparing to blow out her birthday candles.

Days 154-156: Wet ‘n Wild Weekend

Ok, ok. It may have been more wet than wild. And it may not be summer yet, but it definitely feels like it with the 90 degree temps.

Friday night we went to a Royals game and watched my Alma mater band play the Star Spangled Banner. We enjoyed the $1 peanuts and hotdogs, free fireworks display, and this lighted fountain. Actually, I think we enjoyed all of that more than watching the Royals lose.
On Saturday we walked around at the Zona Rosa shopping center for a while, but like the kid slashing in the fountain, we found it too hot to stay outside very long.
Sunday afternoon we beat the heat by going to the pool. Everyone else had the same idea too, but they were obviously having a good time.