Photo of the Day: Monet’s Pond

This beautiful scene reminds me of something Monet would have enjoyed painting – minus the water lilies of course. (Those were in my photo from Wednesday.)

Question: Does anyone know what the little pink flowers are in the foreground? They remind me of poppies, but I thought they were red.

A wooden bridge stretches across a peaceful pond at Powell Gardens near Kansas City.

Day 362: Time to Fly South?

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather in the Midwest over the past few days; and that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m not a fan of sub-zero temperatures, ice freezing inside my windows, or dangerous road conditions. In fact, it’s so warm that these geese haven’t finished flying south yet! I got off work yesterday just in time to head to the park before the sunlight faded.

A Canadian goose comes up from a quick dip.
A Canadian goose flaps its powerful wings in the water.

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Day 161: Taking a Gander

Yesterday evening my sister and nephew stayed with us before heading to the airport in the morning. My nephew loves to feed the geese and the ducks at our pond. The goslings are now several weeks old and actually bigger (and meaner) than the full-grown ducks!

Spencer and Jerod look on as they feed geese.