Day 360: Welcome Home

After three days of Christmas parties, extended family, and leaving our cat behind, we were happy to be home on Monday. (And happy to have the day off work!) Here is one final Christmas photo of the year.

Our red and green Christmas wreath greeted us when we arrived home on Monday.

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Day 285: My Souvenirs … From Funerals

Yesterday, the day I took this photo, marked the 10-year anniversary of my Grandpa Haffa’s funeral. It’s hard to believe I haven’t got to see him for 10 years. It was one of the hardest times of my life, but I really grew up that year. I learned that hugs from a stranger can be comforting, and that children can comfort their parents. I was only a junior in high school, but I also learned that I could stand in front of a whole crowd of people and shared my family’s memories. Two months later I stood up there again – for my Grandma. This tree was one of the plants given to our family at Grandpa’s funeral. My mom retired in May, so I inherited the tree a couple of weeks ago. The other two plants in my office are from my Aunt Jill’s funeral last year, and my other grandpa’s funeral in February. Is it weird that I seem to collect souvenirs from funerals? Maybe, but these daily reminders keep the memories alive.

A Norfolk Pine tree, given at my grandpa's funeral 10 years ago, now resides in my office, adorned with Halloween lights. I hope it lives 83 years just like he did.