Our Family of Cats

My parents, sister, and myself all got new cats this summer, so we got to experience the holidays with the new additions for the first time. I was surprised our black cat, Emmett, didn’t bother our Christmas tree once. Toby, my parents’ kitten, was another story. He may be full-grown now, but he’s a bundle of energy!


Photo of the Day: Back To…

Unlike the majority of my Facebook friends, I don’t have any back to school photos to share with you. (Unless you’d like to see the bulletin boards in my husband’s classroom.) So I pulled out this photo from my two-year-old archives of our pretty cat, Esme. She looks a little older and a little heavier now, but she’s still just as mischievous.

Photo of the Day: In Remembrance of Mr. Miles

My sister had to put her sweet cat of fourteen years to sleep yesterday. I’m not being biased when I say he was the sweetest cat I’ve ever know. I don’t even say that about my own cats. It’s so hard to lose a pet, especially when you have to make the decision about what time is best for them. Mr. Miles Smiles…you’ll be dearly missed by the entire family.

My sister’s cat Miles at 14 years old. He doesn’t look a day over 3!

Photo of the Day: Esme Enjoying Sunlight

I’m dedicating today’s photo to my cousin Maryanne, the biggest fan of cats I know. I shot this photo earlier this evening as the light streamed in our kitchen window. The only editing I did was very minor cropping. I couldn’t be happier with my luck getting this shot!

My cat Esme, meowing for dinner
My cat Esme, meowing for dinner