Photo of the Day: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We’ve had a lot of rain in the last two weeks, which I guess is a good thing since we were in a drought last year. Unfortunately the rain, coupled with the cold weather, has made it hard to spend much time outside.

A rainy parking garage on a dreary Kansas City morning

Day 206: Let’s ‘Park’

Our apartment complex had our parking lot re-paved yesterday, so I convinced Jerod to play around with some night portraits in the empty parking lot. There was a lot of giggling and a lot of eye-rolling (I’m sure you can guess who was doing what), but I think I ended up with some good photos. I couldn’t decide which type of portrait I liked better, so I’m including two.

Jerod dipping me in the empty parking lot.
Jerod and me spinning in the empty parking lot.

Day 28: One is the loneliest number

This is a typical day for me at work. I’m usually the first to arrive in the parking lot and the last to leave. I’d love to brag that I’m a workaholic, but it’s actually because I go to the nearby Y after work. I’m just glad to see a little sunlight now that the days are getting longer!

Photo #1: 1/30 sec., F4.5, ISO 200
18-55mm lens (18mm), no flash fired

Photo #2: 1 sec., F5.6, ISO 400
18-55mm lens (18mm), no flash fired