Living Room | Before & After

My poor husband. He works so hard as a middle school teacher, and every spring break, just when he’s ready for some time off, I find another project. Last year we painted our office/playroom and half bath. This year, we painted our living room. And just as we were finishing that, I got an inkling to do our laundry room, too. There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint over old, scuffed up paint, and our laundry room had been bothering me since we moved in two years ago! I’m loving the new “cool” tones.

IMG_3768 copy
Before. (With a few spots of test paint.) 
IMG_3825 copy
After. It’s just missing wall art and a bit of new decor to tie the new and old colors together!
IMG_3828 copy
After. Next project – replacing the dated tiles around the fireplace!
IMG_3829 copy
After a fresh coat of paint in the laundry room!

New Toddler Toys, Part I

Hello and welcome to 2016! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, especially photos of my own family. We had a great Christmas, and Lil’ Miss K got some really fun gifts. Since we’re in the thick of winter, we’ve spent a lot of time inside playing with her new toys. Her trampoline is definitely a favorite – she loves jumping so much that I’ve enrolled her in a tumbling class! She asks to finger paint most every day, so I’ve converted a pair of Halloween pj’s into paint clothes. I have a few more photos to share with you tomorrow.

IMG_2833 copy

IMG_2835 copy

IMG_2836 copy

IMG_2839 copy

IMG_2813 copy

IMG_2821 copy

Photos of the Day: The “Nesting” Phase

I’ve been going through the “nesting” phase of pregnancy for, oh, about the last 8 months. I’ve wanted to get lots of projects done around the house before the baby comes. (Just ask my poor husband.) In January, with the help of my parents, we painted all the trim and doors in our bedroom and master bathroom. Below are before, during, and after photos.

Before painting our trim
The chaos during trim-painting
An after shot, showing the bright trim and closet doors

And a few weeks ago, my husband and I (mostly him) painted this bookshelf for the baby room. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was a cheap, fake wood bookshelf we bought on Craigslist for $15. I think it looks so cute now! Next up – we’re getting siding put on our house starting tomorrow. Baby K better not make an appearance until after they’re done banging on the side of our house!

We painted this little bookshelf white and tangerine for the baby room. We’ve already got a nice stock of books!

Photo of the Day: The Next Home Project

Last weekend we took on another fairly large home project – staining our deck. The previous homeowners had neglected it – the stain had wore off on the horizontal surfaces, and the wood was peeling horribly. After several hours of cleaning, power washing, and sanding, we were finally ready. It was pushing 100 degrees last weekend, so we got up early and spent both Saturday and Sunday morning staining. The finished product – Redwood Natural semi-transparent – turned out quite nice, if you ask me.

Photo of the Day: We Bought A Hutch

About a month ago, my husband and I purchased a hutch from an antique market. We’d been searching for one since we moved into our house in March, because we knew we’d quickly run out of kitchen cabinet space if we didn’t have a place to store our nicer dishes. We found this beauty for $230. It’s truly an antique – it has a note stapled to the top dating it to the early 1900s and purchased in Chicago. I wish I knew its entire history.

Because our dining room has wood floors and our dining room table is black and cherry wood toned, we made the tough decision to paint it. Yes, the wood was beautiful and could have been stained to look like new. But for our space, the paint looks perfect. (To prove that point … dining room reno photos coming soon!)

I apologize for the poor quality – this photo was taken on a cell phone in the antique store. I forgot to take a “before” photo at home.
Midway through the several coats of paint.
Our finished hutch – black exterior, white interior, and a stained table-top. It matches perfectly with our dining room table.




Day 313: From Nail Biting to Nail Painting

Now that our big move is over, I can finally de-stress. I’m really looking forward to this Saturday’s Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Hope Gala. I figured it was time to get rid of my blue toenail polish and replace it with a classier red. (If you want to attend, tickets are still available! The event is at Union Station and includes dinner, drinks, silent & live auction, raffle, and music – all for just $75.)

Taking a photo from this angle while painting your toenails is much more difficult that you might think.

Day 245-247: Laborious Days

Jerod and I went on a mission trip this weekend to Camp Wilderness. We helped with a lot of different projects, ate way too much food, and experienced great fellowship with our church friends and their kids. I power washed until I was sore … and Jerod cut down a few trees … just to name a couple projects. We may have missed a lot of the Labor Day weekend festivities, but I feel like we couldn’t have been in a better place this weekend.

The girls loved playing ping-pong with Jerod Friday night after we first arrived at Camp Wilderness.
Jay and his wife Shelly spend many, many hours cutting and splitting firewood.
Jordan had a great time painting with her friends, even if she did end up with more paint on her hands than anywhere else. 🙂
We had the perfect ending to a long weekend.

Day 118: Food For the Soul

My friend Tekia had her Breaking Bread catering event Thursday evening. (My Breaking Bread post goes into more detail about the event.) So much work went into the evening from so many people. Tekia and company spent hours frying chicken and preparing other southern foods, sculpting and painting the beautiful artwork on display, and figuring out the logistics all the way down to seating charts. They did a great job of bringing art and food together.

Canon 60d
1/85 sec., f/3.5, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (18 mm), ambient light

Day 29: In Living Color

Sometimes we need to go back to simpler days by doing something as innocent as coloring or painting. We spent yesterday in Topeka doing just that at Potwin Pottery. I think all three of the adults had just as much fun as my seven-year-old nephew!

1/45 sec., F5.6, ISO 400
18-55mm lens (18mm), no flash fired