Lil’ Miss K | Spring Photo Shoot

My daughter’s daycare does “school” photos twice a year. I sent her to school with her Easter dress, hoping to buy a cute pose for the grandparents to hang on their wall. We ended up with four proofs – the one everyone liked the most was the one with a giant tear in her eye. She cried the entire time! So, I set up a sheet and had an impromptu photo shoot in the middle of our dining room right while we were all trying to get our Easter meal together. (The light was good!) Luckily my family expects no less of me – they were patient and supportive and kept cooking right around us. Lil’ Miss K wasn’t very smiley since I was delaying her lunch and nap, but I still got a few cute shots.

IMG_5397 copy

IMG_5381 copy

IMG_5407 copy

IMG_5387 copy

IMG_5383 copy

Baby Portraits | Colton Turns One!

Wednesday evening I had the opportunity to shoot Colton’s first birthday photos. The warmish weather & setting sun made for a perfect photo shoot. This is my first time doing portraits of a one-year-old. My tips for photographing babies or toddlers who are moving around a lot: shoot quick, be ready to improvise, bring their favorite toys, and keep an open mind.

Colton James
The balloon was a bit challenging, but it turned out to be a great prop
Birthday Boy
Colton’s favorite pass time is driving his car
As you can see, he loves his car
Still driving his car…


“Swing me again!”
“I’m so cute in my dress clothes. But I’m not too happy you took me out of my car.”
Warming up in his hat