Miss M | One Month Old

I can’t believe my baby girl is already a month old…and I have to start thinking about work in a week and a half. *Insert sad face.* But oh my, how she’s grown! She is gaining weight much faster than Lil’ Miss K did (who had reflux and a milk protein allergy) – I think she looks like K’s size at two months! She doesn’t even feel like a newborn when I hold her anymore. *Insert another sad face.*

Here are her first comparison photos that I plan to do each month.

IMG_4478 copy
Two days old
IMG_4800 copy
One month old
IMG_4543 copy
Six days old
IMG_4770 copy
One month old

Photo of the Day: The Month Flew By

It’s hard to believe my baby is already one month old. These past four weeks have flown by; it’s amazing how much life has changed. Caring for her day-to-day, it was hard to see how much she’s changed, until I went back and looked at her newborn photo below. I’m going to do these photos on a monthly basis to show how she grows.

Baby K, one month old
Baby K, four days old