Photo of the Day: Sláinte

This weekend my husband and I attended one of our favorite annual events with a group of friends – the KC Irish Fest. This Irish band, We Banjo 3, rocked it! We all loved their show – from their musical talent, to their upbeat music, to their energetic stage presence.

(Sláinte = Cheers in Irish)


Irish Shenanigans

Here are a few “street photography” shots from the Kansas City Irish Fest last weekend. It’s one of the best places to people watch.

Green, green, and more green (and a cute baby).
The band Millish put on a great show. I’d describe their music as Irish jazz.
I’m glad I wasn’t any closer, or I may have learned what they really wear under their kilts.
Not your typical Irish Fest spectator. Notice her dainty hat and the run in her hose. 🙂
The authentic and the eccentric…together as one.
Streets in downtown Kansas City are closed off for Irish Fest, which brings huge crowds each year. Notice anything amusing about this photo?
Check out this handsome guy.


Day 249: Lazy Day

I had a semi-relaxing Labor Day yesterday … or at least I didn’t have anything officially planned. After grocery shopping, grilling, and shopping at an outdoor mall, Jerod and I met my parents for the Kansas City Symphony’s Pops in the Park concert. Perfect temps and sunny skies made for a very beautiful and crowded concert. Beforehand kids got to experience the “instrument petting zoo” and try out a variety of musical instruments. After 13 years in band, I’ve never even played a bassoon!

A kid blows on the bassoon at the Pops in the Park "instrument petting zoo" on Labor Day.

Day 244: She may not be the President…

… but she’s still famous, at least for Kansas City! Last night we had the pleasure of watching Ida McBeth perform at the Zona Rosa Jazz on the Square concert series. Ida McBeth is a renowned performer at the Blue Room, and I can see why. She has such a strong, full voice, and she’s just full of spirit and energy! I couldn’t pick just one photo. Which is your favorite?

Ida McBeth performs at Zona Rosa Jazz on the Square, Sept. 1, 2011.
Ida McBeth and her band performs at Zona Rosa Jazz on the Square, Sept. 1, 2011.
Ida McBeth performs at Zona Rosa Jazz on the Square, Sept. 1, 2011.

By the way, I do have a friend who was lucky enough to photograph the president when he came to Joplin this spring after the tornado.