Photo of the Day: Morning Hue

What a beautiful morning for the Making Strides Against Cancer Kick-off Breakfast at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium! A pink sky for a pink event – it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Photo of the Day: Country Morning Fog

We stayed at my in-laws this weekend in Southeast Kansas. As I stumbled my way downstairs, still half asleep around 7 a.m., I saw this out the front door. I immediately grabbed my camera and headed outside, barefoot and in my pj’s. My in-laws weren’t the least bit surprised when I came back in with wet grass clippings caked to my feet. They sure do know me! This photo is dedicated to my mother-in-law – today is her birthday!

Day 222: A perfect morning

As far as weather goes, yesterday couldn’t have been any more perfect. It started off with a gorgeous sunrise, followed by a sunny day in the low 80s. That’s what I call perfection!

The sun begins to rise beyond the clouds, creating a beautiful morning hue.

Day 96: “Trainquil” morning

Sometimes your plans don’t always turn out how you’d hoped. I got up early with the intent of driving downtown for a nighttime skyline photo. I guess 5:45 a.m. wasn’t early enough with the days getting longer, because the sun was already rising when I arrived. My skyline photos were gray and dull. But when I looked in the other direction, I saw this beautiful, tranquil morning scene.

Canon 60d
1/125 sec., f/9.0, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (24 mm), natural light

Day 87: Snowy Spring Sunrise

When it’s springtime and there’s snow on the ground, us Midwesterners like to whine and moan about it. But how can I complain when the is one of the first sights I see in the morning?

Canon 60d
1/250 sec., f/8.0, ISO 800

Day 73: Gloomy mornings

I don’t know anyone who was hoping for snow yesterday morning, but that’s exactly what we got. The sleet and snow, along with the dark morning after Daylight Savings Time, made my Monday morning feel a little … ok, a lot … dreary. Luckily the skies cleared, it warmed up, and the snow melted. I can’t wait for the 70 degree weather later this week!

1/45 sec., F5.6, ISO 200
18-55 mm lens (55 mm), no flash fired