To be Two…

Oh, to be two and carefree again … I love the joy in my Lil’ Miss K’s face every time we go to the park. It’s about to turn cold here, so I probably won’t be taking any more of these photos for a few months.



Photo of the Day: Fall Leaves At Their Peak

It’s turning out to be a beautiful year for autumn leaves in the Midwest. I think the colors will be at their peak in a week or so. I grabbed my camera and took a different walk route yesterday afternoon for this view. Bonus – I even remembered my camera!

10-21_IMG_2257 10-21_IMG_2263

Photo of the Day: I Can Keep Going…

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing the fall leaves from our hike at Weston Bend State Park this weekend. They may all have the same brilliant colors, but each photo is so different I just couldn’t narrow them down. Just a couple more days, I promise. And if you missed the other posts, here they are.

Weston Bend State Park Photo #1
Weston Bend State Park Photo #2
Weston Bend State Park Photo #3