Photo of the Day: Silly Kitty

My husband and I met a new friend on our walk a few nights ago – a very friendly, affectionate cat.

While most cats would run away, this one had no problem warming up to us when we stopped to pet it.


Photo of the Day: In Remembrance of Mr. Miles

My sister had to put her sweet cat of fourteen years to sleep yesterday. I’m not being biased when I say he was the sweetest cat I’ve ever know. I don’t even say that about my own cats. It’s so hard to lose a pet, especially when you have to make the decision about what time is best for them. Mr. Miles Smiles…you’ll be dearly missed by the entire family.

My sister’s cat Miles at 14 years old. He doesn’t look a day over 3!

Photo of the Day: Esme Enjoying Sunlight

I’m dedicating today’s photo to my cousin Maryanne, the biggest fan of cats I know. I shot this photo earlier this evening as the light streamed in our kitchen window. The only editing I did was very minor cropping. I couldn’t be happier with my luck getting this shot!

My cat Esme, meowing for dinner
My cat Esme, meowing for dinner

Project 52 Week 46: Family of Pets

Like many of you, I’ve had a lot of family time over the last few days. Tomorrow is the start of something I’m incredibly thankful for: the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti. Until I return with some [hopefully] moving stories and photos, here are some shots of family pets I took at Thanksgiving.

My in-laws’ cat Buddy wanted to be the centerpiece (and center of attention) on the dining room table.
Katie, a beautiful Sheltie show dog owned by Aunt Sue.
Katie (and Kendell, not shown) had a great time frolicking outside.
Big surprise, my cat Esme also thinks she owns the place.

Project 52 Week 33: Miles-Smiles

My second-favorite cat, behind my beloved Esme, is my sister’s cat Miles. I like to call him Miles-Smiles. What I love about him is that he just sits and stares at you while you snap his photo; he isn’t a blur like Esme. (But I guess he is about 12 years older than her.) Should I have posted a more traditional head-on shot, or do you like this unique crop?

My sister’s cat, know (by me) as Miles-Smiles, tries his best to ignore the camera just inches from his face.

Project 52 Weeks 14-15: Easter Extravaganza

I told myself I would only post ONE photo per week for my Project 52 this year. But I just can’t help it. We were so busy spending time with my family and my in-laws, that I want to share a piece of that with you. So here’s a glimpse of our very busy Easter weekend. Which photo is your favorite?

As I was packing for the weekend, my cat Esme climbed into my drawer and made herself comfortable on top of my sports bras.
Mom broke out the china dishes for Easter this year ... and got creative with the food.
We looked at some old slides from a trip my mom took when she was about 12 years old. We're taking the same trip this summer. Can you tell where this is?
More nostalgia ... my nephew plays with some antique box cars.
Everyone congregates near the fire to keep warm at the Dennis United Methodist Easter Sunrise Service.
The sun begins to rise behind the grills at the Easter Sunrise Service.
My husband's family helps cook up some eggs, bacon, and toast at the Easter Sunrise Service.